22 May 2011

I did not see you. Until we collided. In a most breath-taking and explosive way. It tasted of piquant, wrapped in a droplet of nectar. Maniacally, we plunged into one another. Our union, so fierce and forceful, the ground around us shook. Your kisses resurrected me; what delicious anguish, my rebirth. I wanted to drink you, eternally. But, cruelly, you would not let me. I craved your fiery and frightening essence. With each breath, a new lesson. With each teardrop, a new cleansing. And now, like any cataclysm, this us has evaporated, leaving, forever altered, the topography of my heart.

Day 137

17 May 2011

I cannot count it, the many hopeless nights when my shadow searched for yours. You thought to punish me, by removing yourself, leaving me filled with this, an insatiable hunger for absolution. I would burn away the world, to feel your lips passionately pressed against mine. And, so, I remain frozen, in footsteps untaken … our footsteps. And I ask myself, was that Dangerous Angel real? Then I feel a familiar ache, the ache of scars not quite healed. And I tell myself the purpose of scars: to remind us that the past was, indeed, real.

Day 135

15 May 2011

From the moment I first laid eyes upon you, I felt my heart in danger … in danger of betraying itself. In danger of loving you, my beautiful and dangerous angel. In loving you so intensely and obsessively, I expressed some sentiments which I can never, ever take back. And my soul, it flew from my lips before I even realized you’d captured it.

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