A Journey Into Love

20 April 2012

They told us to pack a small bag. So I did. I packed my short fuzzy housecoat with matching fuzzy pj pants, a towel, one change of clothes, and a few toiletries. And a book. And a journal. And a pen. And my camera. And that's it. And the house was so lovely. And the yard/land was so quiet. No sirens, no skyscrapers. No smelly alleys. No traffic noise. No glaring city lights. And bathtubs. The house had bathtubs. Big, deep bathtubs. With plenty of hot water. The kind that makes your skin turn tomato red. And pink towels. (I love pink, in case you didn't know, LOL).

The food was to-die-for. Seriously. And the table setting, so elegant and formal and pretty. There was a gathering room (called The Great Room) with six comfy sofas, complete with pillows and soft blankets. To lounge on, nap on, to curl up and read a book on. The people at the house are amazing, wonderful people. Love fuels that house. It's palpable, from the moment you first cross the threshold into the house. 

I feel so rejuvenated. Like, I'm seeing the same, familiar things differently. I feel inspired. Really inspired. In every area of my life. Including the mundane ones. Like food. So, late this afternoon I went shopping for some baby spinach, dried cranberries, almond slivers and raspberry vinaigrette. And I made myself a bedtime snack of salad with these ingredients. I feel transformed. And I had no idea how much until I got home, and started to seep back into my regular life. I am that butterfly. And that one, too.

To learn more about this place and what they do, check out their website.


X. Dell said...

1. As someone who researches conspiracies, I have to smile about your choice of butterfly.

2. I spent a couple of minutes at the Linwood House Ministries website. Interesting. I'm hoping that your time there, or your journey, proves beneficial.

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh, we definitely know how you love pink! <3 LOL x)

It sounds like you had so much fun, Roxanne! I was smiling at how you described it -- especially the food because it's making my mouth water! If it's not worth dying for, it's not awesome food, right? Couple that with an amazing bed and house, and I don't think I could imagine a more perfect place to unwind! I'm glad it rejuvenated you :) <3

Jolene Perry said...

Sounds like an incredible experience - I love it when something moves me like that. Very happy :-D

K9 said...

which room were you in? Its lovely there

Its a very good thing to dress out your everyday as you experienced there. Even at home alone, I still make a pretty meal, use my good stuff to eat with and off, use nice linens etc. A bright and tidy house is critical to my mental health - too much disorder or design discord and i get all anxiety ridden. Its a great hot soak great? Ive often thought if TSHTF and the grid went down, Id miss a hot bath more than anything. It makes me happy to see you treat yourself well and to recognize that the city is noisy and pissy -vibrant too. I do think we are meant to live a bit more integrated with nature though. xo


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