They're Baaaaaack ...

12 August 2013

The mind goblins have returned and with a rage. They’re sucking the joy and vitality out of me, cell-by-cell, fibre-by-fibre. My life has become a point of convergence of late, a convergence of several major life events. I feel stretched. I feel devoured. I feel dissolved, dissolved by the dark shadow, which the goblins cast over me. The goblins have encased me in an event horizon. No light can get out of me, or in me. And all I can do is take a short-acting Seroquel to weaken the horizon, then sit on the shower floor and sob hysterically while scalding hot water pelts down on my head. But I do have a love in my life, a passionate and gentle man. And for that I feel so very grateful.
If I had to imagine what a mind goblin would look like, this would come pretty fucking close ...

GOBLINS by ~fobiapharmer on deviantART



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