Dear Sylvia

25 March 2013

This post inspired by DVerse ~ write a poem about an imagined conversation/interaction with a famous and/or historical person of your choice.

image credit: Miss Cartier

"An owl's talons clenching at my heart." 
I have found no way out of the mind, either.
Did he annihilate you? Did he crush your flesh?
Why did you and I desire the thing 
that would destroy us
in the end?
Why did you do it?
When did 
thick and sluggish
cease to become
Why did so many people
fail you?
Why could no one
your despair anguish,
piercing through 
that veil of
paper thin feelings
which weighed so heavily 
in your mind and on your soul?
Could no one see through
the veil?
I think, perhaps, 
finding it tiresome, 
chose not to.
How do we banish
that dark, shadowy thing
which lurks within?
Oh, how I wish
I could talk to you.
How I wish
I could 
touch you,
through your words,
with your pain.
Is it wrong of me,
is it schadenfreude
or perhaps, selfish,
to want to experience 
your pain and despair
through words
you've written
so that I feel
less solitary
in my own
pain and despair?


Claudia said...

she was such an excellent poet and i think it's human to compare our joy with the joy of others as well as the pain.. and also finding traces of the life and the person in the verse they write and the pictures they paint...
on a sidenote..if you want some more comments i would encourage you to visit others that have linked up for the prompt and hopefully some of them will visit back.. and welcome at dVerse...

Brian Miller said... is in our pain and sorrow that we often find each other...and we have all faced it on some level...for me the poets i relate to are real, honest...and let it all out there on the page. nice take. smiles.

welcome to dverse.


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